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SFA 38, About Us                                                                5th Special Forces Group History 

A little history about SFA Chapter 38 

Special Forces Association known as The LTG William P. Yarborough Chapter.

On 6 November 1986 C.E. (Tiny) Aldrich sent a letter to the Special Forces Association,

Headquarters located at Fayetteville, North Carolina requesting a Charter to form Chapter 38, SFA.   He indicated that on 30 October 1986 thrity-five active duty, retired, and former Special Forces Green Berets had attended a meeting at the American Legion in Oak Grove, Kentucky in support of forming a Chapter local to the Fort Campbell, Kentucky area because 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) had moved an advance party to Fort Campbell and the rest of the Group should close sometime in 1989.


On 18 November 1986 a follow-up letter was sent to SFA National Headquarters requesting

that Chapter 38's area of operation (AO) be Kentucky and Tennesse as Fort Campbell,

Kentucky resides in both states as a federal installation.


On 21 January 1987 Chapter 38 was formally designated as a Chapter of the Special Forces

Association and hence became named as Chapter 38, Special Forces Association..


On 30 January 1987, with the approval of SFA National Headquarters, Chapter 38, SFA held

its first meeting with an election and installation of  it's new officers:

Current and Up to Date Officers can be found on the 

SFA CH 38 web site. (Here)

LTG William P. Yarborough

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